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New “Random” project collection

Something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile is create a space for small-ish sized projects: too big for a Codepen, too small for its own subdomain. One-pager sort of dealios.

This weekend in a burst of do-it-now energy, I made Random, for such a collection of random explorations. The first one is for a tier list ranking of amari (content warning: alcohol):

An index page for random explorations. There is one card in the grid for my Amari project, showing an amaro nonino bottle
The amari tier list page. Roughly cut-out bottles of Amari are organized by S, A, B, C, D ranks.

The tier list is a little sparse on detail, so I will have to hop to populating it with more data. 😉

Next up

The next order of business will be to add support for light/dark/auto theme switching. It feels a little devious at this point to “launch” a project with just light mode. But I’m trying to embrace getting something in the world a little more quickly and then iterating—especially as I’m not sure how I want to handle dark themes on this site yet.

As for next random projects, I’ve been scheming for awhile about a utility for brewing tea—a utilitea, if you will.


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