Writing to Myself

So I’ve been putting off that whole rebuilding-the-website thing. Instead of squinting at lines of code, I’ve been drinking tea, reading too many books on my front porch, singing backup at karaoke, reading too many books on the treadmill at the gym, walking around Charleston staring at architecture, buskers, and Southern belles…

Basically, living.

For that reason, I’ve decided not to launch a pixel-perfect portfolio. I’ve always thought it was important to stay a vocal part of the global design community, to contribute ideas to this brand-new-baby of an industry. It seemed clear to me that those good ideas needed to be backed up by good work in order to be taken seriously. I’d still argue that’s true, and I’ll probably scratch that I-swear-I’m-awesome itch in the future. Right now though, I’m nearly a year out of my design program, and it seems important to focus on experiencing life, that great giver of inspiration.

So for now, I’ll be using this journal to explore personal projects and post interesting things I come across: weird bugs, hand-painted signage, great passages from greater books. What this will not be: a series of posts with good design captioned by “hey this thing I saw in my RSS feeds is cool.” That’s 90% of design dialog today, and we need more than that.

And I’m looking for it.