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You’ve reached a hidden part of the site! I never really got around to updating this much, but you’re free to take a look around.

A redo of the Geographer Innocent Ghosts album, with collaged strips of horizon lines forming a rectangle

My re-do of Geographer’s Innocent Ghosts is up on FUTURALBUM today. The challenge from Troy DeShano was to redesign an album cover using only Futura and imagery from Flickr Internet Archive Book Images (ooh, cool moths up there now). Lines and other similar design aids were allowed.

Innocent Ghosts as an album is more subtle than Geographer’s later, more-indie-techno music. When I listen to it, I feel a nostalgia for something I can’t quite remember. It’s the same sublime sense I get when standing in an old place: that I’m squinting to see something or chasing a memory in my peripherals and just barely failing. If only.

It’s a bit New Age-y and possibly obnoxious to talk about this sort of soul travel when it comes to listening to indie bands, but that’s the inspiration behind the re-make. To echo this never-quite-getting-there feeling, I pulled horizon lines (some more defined than others) from old photos of fields and barns and lakes. Two layers of color add a glitchy-ness to the artwork. And lastly, add a couple of trees for some discordant forest fun, lest the artwork suffocate from orderliness.