Archive Misc illustrations

Various illustrations I’ve done over the years, for clients, pro bono projects, collaborations—and for myself.

Screenshot of my illustration on the Intercom blog

A 2016 collaged illustration for a post on the Intercom blog, “Not all good products make good businesses”. The post describes what’s needed to scale a good idea into a profitable business, so this collage plays with visual interpretations of scale.

A poster with a collage of plants done in brush and ink. Below it: All my best friends eat sunshine

Joshua Krohn’s 2013 fundraising poster series, The Just Love Project, carried a simple task: use two shades of teal to explore the theme of agape love. As a vegetarian, I inked an ode to plants. This might be the most successful tagline I’ve ever written. You can find re-interpretations all over the Internets.

Illustration of a large anthropomorphized moon over pine trees

Mouth-breathing moon for Off-Work, a collection of desktop-sized personal doodles from a group of friends.

Re-imagining of a Geographer album cover

My re-imagining of Geographer’s Innocent Ghosts for FUTURALBUM, a challenge to redesign an album cover using only Futura and imagery from Flickr Internet Archive Book Images.

Small digital drawings of Charleston buildings

A personal series: small digital drawings of Charleston buildings. Abandoned because these truthful miniatures took forever.