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A brief introduction

Hi, I’m Melanie, a product manager with a design and web-dev background. Currently, I’m helping enable web teams on the Jamstack at Netlify. My core personal mission is to empower people to make interesting, useful, and inclusive things on the web…and I still love designing and coding my own projects!

Recently on the web platform

Customizable controls

Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and the rest of the Open UI community are working towards a future where HTML controls are more developer-customizable—from both a content model and aesthetic perspective. We started with a customizable <select>, complete with a proposed <popup> part and CSS anchored positioning scheme.

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On the blog

A repeating pattern of geometric cheese puffs on a solid orange ground Building a snack review website with Eleventy and Contentful

— Trying out headless CMSes while giving myself an excuse to eat candy, as if I needed one.

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Recent side project

World Snacks

2022 — A little international snack review site. Created as an excuse to try out Contentful as a headless CMS, and to eat more snacks.

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