A brief introduction

Hi, I’m Melanie, a program manager with a background in web design and development. I’m currently helping shape new web technologies on the Microsoft Edge web platform team. I still love designing and building fun things for the web, and I’m currently dabbling in 3D art.

Recently on the web platform

Quiet notification requests

Upon interviewing folks about their experiences with permissioned APIs on the web, a clear theme emerged: many people find notification requests annoying or disruptive, unless they can clearly understand the value of notifications in their current context. Quiet notification requests in Microsoft Edge reduces such requests to a more subtle user interface (UI) treatment, so users can stay focused as they browse.

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On the blog

A very bright, geometric pattern of vector quilt-block shapes done up in red, yellow, and blue.
A fiber crafts blog and JAMstack comments

Starting a new blog for my knitting, sewing, and weaving projects, and landing on a solution for comments on an Eleventy site.

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Recent side project

Fiber crafts blog

2021 A record of my fiber crafts projects, or adventures in knitting, sewing, and weaving.

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