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A brief introduction

Hi, I’m Melanie, a product manager with a design and web-dev background. Currently, I’m helping enable web teams on the Jamstack at Netlify.

My core personal mission is to empower people to make interesting, useful, and inclusive things on the web…and I still love making my own side projects!

Geometric shapes arranged like quilt blocks, in dark forest green, an orangey red, and varying tones of pink and beige. Geometric shapes arranged like quilt blocks, in dark blues and purples, with a hint of lilac.

Recent product work

  • Netlify App for Slack

    The Netlify app enables cross-functional teams to monitor and collaborate on their sites—from the channels they already use for daily communication.

  • Automatic deploy subdomains

    Developers can configure pre-production environments to be available at custom subdomains, ensuring that third-party integrations with domain-related security requirements will work similarly to production.


What I’m up to right now. Last updated Feb 04, 2024

  • Helping improve web teams’ cross-functional collaboration on Netlify
  • Knitting my first pair of socks
  • Learning blackletter calligraphy
  • Running a small monthly writing group

New on the blog