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November 2023

2023 Q1

October 2022 Version

Home page with a tagline, recent work projects, a list of things I'm up to now, recent blog posts. There's a quilt-like shape of geometric, colorful blocks in orangey red, forest green, pink, and beiges.

Refreshed my site to use a more colorful and quilty aesthetic. Read the 2022 redesign blog post

Winter 2020 Version

A collage of my tagline and recent projects and posts, in a black and white pixel theme with headings in a monospace font

Black and white and pixelly all over.

2019 Version

Home page with a bio paragraph that links out to some projects. It's very simple, with black text in Space Mono on a pale blue background.

2018 Version

Home page with a black vertical navigation bar to the left of a main black-on-white area. There's a bio and a list of links to various projects. The body copy is sans serif, with decorations and headlines in a more pixely vibe.

There are a lot of tweaks and churn in 2018 and 2019. This is when I first transitioned from design to product management.

2017 Version

Home page with a large bio paragraph that links out to some projects. It's very simple, with nav sans-serif text on a white background. The logo is my initials in vector nautical flags.

Nautical flag icons for my initials, and no portfolio section. Later in the year I simplified this even more, and inverted the color palette: white on navy.

2015 – 2016

I appeared to have added a portfolio section back to my site in 2015, but the Wayback Machine can’t retrieve screenshots from that year. In 2016 I’ve added some nautical flags for my initials to the header, and WM can fetch screenshots, but not all the CSS. So the capture looks a bit janky.

2013 Version

A home page featuring a feed of blog posts, most recently announcing the release of a new project called Badass Lady Creatives. My logo at the top is a geometric vector drawing of a girlish head with a bun and glasses, done in a coral red.

Looks like I went to a blog-style home page for a bit!


Anything older than 2013 seems to have been too old for the Wayback Machine to have captured accurately, but I had a full portfolio up on my site in those years.