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Browser & Web Platform

A few favorite projects I’ve contributed to as a product manager on the Microsoft Edge HTML Platform. I am just one contributor of many on these projects—alongside folks at Microsoft, in the Chromium open source community, and in web standards bodies.

Personal Projects

My background prior to PMing is in graphic design and front-end development, and I still love making stuff on top of the web.


Other fun things

  • Just Build Websites: A list of ideas for sites you can build, to practice web design and dev skills.
  • Talks: Videos, slides, and demos from technical talks I’ve given.


  • HTML5 Accessibility redesign: A new aesthetic for browser test scores on accessible support of HTML5 elements; test result data is owned by individual browser vendors.
  • Badass Lady Creatives: However unfortunately-named, I ran a blog in 2013–2016 that featured women in design, illustration, photography, web dev, and so on.