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Hi, I’m Melanie, a product manager with a design and web-dev background. My core personal mission is to empower people to make interesting, useful, and inclusive things on the web. I’m currently at Netlify, where I help enable teams to build robust web applications and accelerate their workflow.

In past roles, I’ve:

  • (2015—2021) Contributed to the direction of the web platform as a DX designer and then PM at Microsoft Edge. I collaborated with other members of the W3C to push forward web standards regarding accessibility, privacy, customizable controls, and CSS—according to the needs of browser users and development teams.
  • (2011—2015) Designed and built countless websites and brands at Fuzzco.
  • (2010—2011) Partnered with the rest of the small web dev team at Grooveshark (RIP) to convert the music streaming app’s UI from Flash to HTML.

Outside of work, I am a magpie for creative hobbies: I like to draw/paint, sew, knit, and weave. I am also constantly in the middle of 5 different books at once, and find life to be infinitely interesting.

If you need me, you can reach me at