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Hi, I’m Melanie, a product manager based in Seattle, WA.

I’m currently a Lead Product Manager at Webflow, where I’m partnering with the team to evolve styling capabilities in the core Designer product.

In the past I’ve been:

  • A product manager at Netlify, where I helped enable teams to build robust web applications on the Jamstack and accelerate their workflow. (2021–2024)
  • A product manager on the Microsoft Edge browser. With my collaborators in Microsoft and across W3C standards membership, I led on the future of web technologies—with special focus in accessibility, privacy, CSS, and HTML control customization. (2015–2021)
  • A designer-who-codes on countless brands and websites at Fuzzco (2011–Dec 2014)
  • A frontend developer at a music startup called Grooveshark (2010–2011)

I’m a maker at heart, so my core personal mission is to empower people to make interesting, useful, and inclusive things on the web.

Let’s talk hobbies

Fiber crafts

I sew, weave, and knit, and post my makes on my fiber blog.

An array of Posca pens above an open sketchbook where I've swatched them out


Learning to let go of the vision in my head and just have fun with it.

Mount Rainier poking out between pine trees


Luckily for me there are hundreds of trails in the state of Washington.

Reading a book outside in the sunshine


I always seem to end up in the middle of 5 books at once.