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Contributor on DWL / Photography by Melissa Toms

The Design Work Life blog announcing my new column

Happy to announce that starting next Wednesday, I’ll be posting weekly on Design Work Life. My series is essentially an extension of Badass Lady Creatives (not-so-coincidentally, that site also launched yesterday), a project that I run which celebrates professional women in the creative industries. On DWL, I’ll be posting interviews, round-ups, badass women in history, and other lady creative news. It’s been interesting working from a social-media-first approach, but I’m so happy to have a permanent home for more robust posting.

I needed a landscape portrait for my posts on DWL, but having zilch—I tend to run away from the camera and/or make bizarre faces—Melissa Toms and I held a quick portraiture sesh. She did such a great job and has such a warm personality that it was easy to relax.

Photo by Melissa Toms Photo by Melissa Toms

Melissa is really great at event and food photography, often shooting with our mutual friend Olivia Rae James.

Photo by Melissa Toms
Need to eat this, stat; shot at Monza in Charleston, SC
Photo by Melissa Toms

Melissa also shoots some really beautiful, moody photos:

Photo by Melissa Toms
Photo by Melissa Toms
Seriously, that looks like a painting.

Melissa’s site is in the works, but you can follow her on Flickr or Instagram.


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