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Day 32 of 100DaysOfSpec, Semantics, structure, and APIs of HTML documents

I am reading and taking notes on the HTML specifications for 100 days as part of #The100DayProject. Read the initial intent/backstory. I am a Microsoft employee but all opinions, comments, etc on this site are my own. I do not speak on behalf of my employer, and thus no comments should be taken as representative of Microsoft's official opinion of the spec. Subsections not listed below were read without comment.

YESSSS, starting a new chapter! Reading in 3.1 Documents

Some redundant information on the document's address, feels more in the context of a web developer than a user agent though.

A document is immediately available after being created with a script using the createDocument() or createHTMLDocument() DOM methods. If that document is not created with a referrer (absolute URL), the document referrer is an empty string.

3.1.1 The Document object

Nice little definition of the Document interface. The contents should not be terribly surprisingly for those familiar with HTML. I assume that everything listed in the definition is essentially made accessible to scripting languages.

The document's attributes include:

  • Domain
  • Referrer
  • Cookie(s)
  • lastModified
  • readyState
  • Info you set in the <head> of your document: title, dir, body, head, images, embed, plugins, links, forms, scripts
  • User interaction attributes, like hasFocus()


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