New illustration on the Intercom blog

Screenshot of my illustration on the Intercom blog

My first freelance illustration project is up on the Intercom blog! Stewart Scott-Curran asked me for an editorial illustration in my collage style for “Not all good products make good businesses”. The post describes what’s needed to scale a good idea into a profitable business, so one of the concepts I sketched for Stew was an abstract exploration in scale. We ended up going with that one, and I snuck in some awesome images of goofy inventions, like an old-school VR concept drawing.

As I mentioned, this is actually the first time I’ve been hired to do a purely illustrative freelance project—as opposed to client work with a more holistic design and/or development task. It was a nice change of pace and assignment from my day-to-day, and I hope to work on more projects like this in the future! Thanks for the opportunity, Stew!


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