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Learning Log: Jun 2017

Subject-matter notes I updated this month: logo design, Illustrator, accessibility

Week of May 28 (second half)

  • Recently I was reading You Are a Badass, but decided I wasn't really in a self help-y mood (partially the state of affairs makes it harder to care about that sort of thing) and abandoned it. I remember one point the author made though, this week: that the stories we tell ourselves have an impact on how our lives actually pan out. I'm realizing I've told myself "I'm not very good at logos", and while that might have and might still be true, things might have played out a little differently if I had really dug into identity design. Never too late to try!
  • In this vein, I watch another (see May write-up) video about logo design, this time about the use of grids to structure logos.
  • In CSS specs, I finish reading about paged media and start colors and backgrounds.
  • Picking back up on the Yeoman generator I'm building to scaffold web projects. I read the create-your-own-generator docs, write a couple command line prompts for the generator, and add some basic project files. The built files are the same for each project "type", so next I'll work on differentiating Jekyll, Wordpress, and HTML/other projects.

Week of June 4

  • I decide that the adjustments I'm making to my website don't feel genuine to me, so I smoosh together some of the old stuff and some of the new stuff and call it a day. And then ask a friend to yell at me if I try to make changes other than bug fixes and a11y improvements before the end of summer.
  • CSS spec readings: colors and backgrounds, fonts
    • Apparently cursive and fantasy are appropriate values for the generic family names at the end of a font stack! cursive sounds like it would end up with a pretty ok default font from the user agent (browser, etc), but not so sure how fantasy would play out because that could be so many different decorative font families. Note to self: find out what the different UAs use for these fallbacks!
  • I bounce out of the CSS 2.2 specs to read about flexbox for some test-reviewing tasks.
  • Learning about pixel art. I'm introduced to this neat free pixel art editor, which has some nice tools for pixel art that Adobe software doesn't have.
  • Neat stuff about photo colorization

Week of June 11

Weeks of June 18, 25


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