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Learning Log, Jan 2020: routines and rhythm of business

Decided to revert from Weeknotes back to monthly Learning Logs for various and sundry reasons. I think I may re-title the Learning Logs to be numbered, because that was fun in Weeknotes. That’ll be a nice first test of using a Netlify redirects file.

The past couple weeks I haven’t made a terrible amount of progress on my side projects. Right now I’m trying to figure out my routines and how they align with my energy levels throughout the day and week.


Web design and development


Work and productivity

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Project Goals for February

This is overly ambitious given that I also have travel coming up, but ya know, shoot for the moon:

  • 📝 Write + publish 3 blog posts
  • 💻 This site:
    • Re-implement Webmentions on top of Eleventy
    • Figure out what I want to get out of my site, what I want to communicate (i.e. deal with the identity crisis that is being a web platform PM that still wants to keep their design-dev background alive)
    • Figure out if I want to completely redesign my site or just revamp what I have, and start making progress on whichever path I choose
  • Sewing: sew some drawstring bags for my reusable makeup pads (I'm trying to get back into sewing!)
  • 🍳 Weaving: finally finish my egg weaving. All it needs are the final touches in order to hang it up. That’s all it has needed for months now.
  • 📚 Studying: build more knowledge in web networking & storage.


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