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Learning Log, Apr 2021

Clusters of small white bell-shaped blossoms on a tree Cherry blossoms strewn about a sunlit path. There are lots of blossoms still on the trees, and many other trees with bright green leaves.

Blossoms everywhere at the Seattle Arboretum

I got the first dose of the vaccine late this month! 💉🎉 Feeling very fortunate and wishing all communities had the same access to these resources. World health > IP and nationalism.

An Event Apart Spring Summit

I had the honor of speaking at An Event Apart for the first time! My talk,
“Semantics to Screen Readers”, covers how markup becomes something that assistive tech can interact with on behalf of the user—and how you can prepare your content for representation in accessibility APIs.

This was the first talk I’ve done that was pre-recorded, so it was neat hanging out in chat and witnessing folks cheer each other on in their accessibility practices. We wrapped the talk with a live Q&A, and I had a lot of fun mulling over great questions with my host, Eric Meyer. I miss hallway chats, because it would have been nice to keep chatting with folks afterwards. Someday, someday. All in all, really well-run conference with good folks in the lineup, in the audience, and on the AEA team.

There’s lots of great sessions in the lineup, and if you’re interested in catching them there’s on-demand passes available. I also have a very long list of resources you can peruse.

にほんご (Japanese)

Still working on Level 3 vocabulary in WaniKani, so I am definitely behind where I’d like to be. Oh well, still at it and every little bit counts. I keep seeming to drop or add a and thus being just barely off the correct spelling/pronunciation for a vocab term.

Also read vs : The Difference Between These Two Japanese Words for “Inside” and I think I ~75% understand the distinction.

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