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Learning Log, Sep 2021

A teal journal opened to the first page, where I have written in teal pen 'Inaugural Netlify journal'

This month I started a new job as a Senior Product Manager at Netlify! I’d been on the Microsoft Edge web platform team for the better part of 7 years, so “new kid” energy is not something I’ve felt in awhile. I’ll admit to some nerves: I’d left a team where I know well how I can add value and support our collective growth, for a new environment where I’ll need to build up trust and strong working relationships from scratch.

That said, excitement far outweighs the nerves. Netlify is chock-full of friendly people who are very generous with their time and prior knowledge. I’ve long appreciated the Netlify platform for my own projects, and I’m having so much fun ramping up and considering how we might expand the platform to support robust web apps and organizations at scale.

Various and Sundry Musings

  • I sewed a tool roll!
  • Speaking of which, I’ve been feeling like I have too many creative hobbies in flight and decided to put 3D art on hold for now. It was a painful cut, as I’d like to make some cute environmental renders, but there is relief in being able to give some of my other creative outlets more attention. As I’ve said before, I seem to need more time creating by hand lately, and less time in front of a glowing rectangle.
  • I’ve noticed that it is much easier to be successful with habits I aim to complete daily, rather than a few times a week or as the need arises. I was a little looser with my habits around journaling, which means I did almost no journaling.
  • Talking things out with other humans is extremely effective in level-setting expectations; perfectionism brain sets a high bar.

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