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Learning Log, Apr 2022

My main side project lately is a world snacks review site, which I’m using to play around with Contentful as a headless CMS. Much of April was spent doing design-y things, and having far too much fun. Case in point, this cheese doodle footer:

A snippet of a footer area, where the background is a bright orange pattern of cheese puffs. The puffs are in C and ball shapes.

  • 🌿 Off the computer, weeds rule everything around me. Now that we are “furniture complete” in our new-ish house, I’ve turned my attentions to the planters, where the weeds have recently been allowed to thrive with abandon. We had a ton of rain and a bit of sun in April, so it seems each time I look at a weed I haven’t pulled yet, it’s grown taller. Good thing I love weeding…making slow and steady progress.
  • 🤝 I discovered via an exercise in “Refuse to Choose” that community is actually pretty important to me when pursuing an interest. It’s not just about accountability, it’s sharing a purpose (however humble) and feeding into each other’s inspiration. I joke a lot about wanting “parallel play”, but I was still surprised by this revelation. Typically I see myself as an introvert who wants to go off and do her little projects. The trouble now is how to rebuild that community, during a pandemic, when everyone has Zoom fatigue.
  • 📚 Also in books, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump this year. Out of the first 18 books I’ve finished (i.e., not including those I abandoned), I thought all but one were “fine” at best. I may take the advice of some co-workers and re-read a “5 star” book as a palette cleanser…or take it as a sign that I’m less into books right now and just need a breather.
  • 🌷 I am very picky about my lock screen vs home screen needs and made myself a couple wallpapers. You can grab them both (lock screen, home screen) if you like! The image ratios are optimized for an iPhone 11 Pro.
A lock screen with a black solid wallpaper. The wallpaper has three geometric flowers displayed in a column, ranging from a soft pink to a bright red. The first flower looks vaguely daisy-ish, the second like a tulip, the third maybe like a mum. A home screen showing the three geometric flowers at the bottom of the screen this time, arranged in a row such that they avoid being overlapped by any app icons

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