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Learning Log, May 2022

A huge cluster of vibrant, dark pink rhododendron flowers

Support for Azure DevOps as a Git provider on Netlify

My first sizable release with my coworkers at Netlify!

Netlify enables you to connect a Git repo, supply us your build command, and whenever you push changes to your Git production branch, we’ll automatically build and deploy your site. You can also configure your site to enable automatic deploy previews, deploy notifications, and other fancy automation through webhooks.

Azure DevOps is available as an option in the UI for connecting a repo

For years now, we’ve supported first-class integrations with Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket; now teams with repos stored in Azure DevOps can connect to Netlify easily—i.e. without manual setup on the CLI, or spinning up an Azure pipeline.

If that’s relevant to you, you can learn more at “How to Integrate Azure DevOps with Netlify CI/CD”.

World Snacks

In my personal time, I created a site for my snack reviews.

The snacks home page with a few items in view. The tagline reads: Eat snacks. Mostly candy. Almost too much.

I’m posting my impressions on various snacks from around the world. Really this was a great opportunity for me to play with Contentful as a headless CMS. What should I try next?

Our Blue Planet

Thanks to the pandemic, I honestly haven’t been to a museum since…2019? While out looking at wedding venues, my fiancé and I saw an advertisement for an exhibit that was closing at the Seattle Art Museum that weekend, and decided on a whim to hike over to the SAM to check it out! Our Blue Planet was a meditation on water and how we relate to it as human beings. I appreciated the breadth of perspectives the curators brought to the collection. Some of the indigenous artworks really resonated with me:

A conical wooden piece that has a geometric animal head at the top. It looks mammalian, but there's a fin sticking out the back of its head. Complex patterns etched in black and silver, abstractly emulating the undulating surface of water. Xuu.ujee Dajangee (Sea Bear Crest hat), ~1870. Red cedar, paint. Artist: the indigenous people of Haida Gwaii. | Closeup of “Yarrinya”, 2021. Found and etched aluminum. Artist: Baruwya Munumgurr, Australian Aboriginal Djapu clan.

I missed art, I missed museums, I want to come back soon.


Content warning: gun violence, racism

This shooting really wrenched my heart out of my chest, especially coming so close on the heels of the mass shooting in Buffalo that targeted Black folks for existing. Being an American is often a shameful and scary existence. So many of us are distraught with grief over our fellow human beings. We’re frustrated that we just seem to keep going around the same loops over and over again, with no meaningful action taken on a national level. Something’s gotta give. At the moment I am pondering what I can do, how I can look at my top issues and personal action and try to help break the cycle. That is the other side of being an American: we can be relentlessly optimistic.

On the Internet


I don’t actually blog too much about the books I’m reading, although I’m always reading quite a bit (I somehow tend to end up in the middle of 5 books at a time). A couple fun things lately though:

  • I joined! It’s like Goodreads but 1) without all the Amazon data pipelines and 2) with an API, hooray! 🎉 Love to own my own data.
  • I’m reading a few books “in real time”.
    • I picked up “The Wood for the Trees” in early May. This meditation on a forest in the U.K. has a chapter per month, starting with April. So, I’m now reading a chapter a month.
    • Through a coworker I discovered Dracula Daily, the best use of email newsletters yet. This newsletter sends you segments of the book as they happen according to the novel’s timelines. So sometimes the updates are daily, and at other times they are more sporadic.



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