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Learning Log, Jun 2022

A sketchbook with a sticker that says “Florida museum”. There are 4 felt-pen butterflies, and the words “butterfly rainforest”. Two butterflies are facing away from each other and are labeled “butt to butt”. Small green strawberries on a plant in a patch of dirt

An explosion of green! A sketchbook page and some June-bearing strawberries in our garden that have mostly missed the boat on the whole “June” thing.

Netlify Launches

June was an absolutely jam-packed month! Mid-month I went to visit family around a certain 3-year-old’s birthday, then came back and launched two features with my team at Netlify (while also attending an offsite!). The lead-up to Unintentional Launch Week had me feeling a bit slammed, but it sure is a whole ton of fun shipping features that folks have been asking for! Maybe I should go for a hat-trick next time? 🏒

If you’d like to check out the newly available bits, they are:

Seasonal Cleaning

After I finish a side project, I like to do a bit of seasonal cleaning on Github, i.e. fixing bugs and making small improvements to past personal projects.

This month I:

  • Added a record of older talks
  • Added an RSS feed to my snack review site. Also added a couple reviews, while I was at it.
  • Add a link to the existing RSS feed to my fiber crafts blog
  • Made little layout tweaks on various projects
  • Made various and sundry updates to Palindrome, my personal Eleventy starter template


Work and productivity

Art and creativity

Other interesting articles


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  • Reply from Saili Raje on

    Love this months learning log— the butterfly sketches are so cute!! Also congrats on your TWO LAUNCHES!! will keep an eye out for the hat trick ;)
  • Reply from _φ(°-°=) on

    “Mutzadell”😁➡️… Some of my northern Italian friends pride themselves from being able to suppress schwa vowels, like the southerners often append ➡️…
  • Reply from Melanie Richards on

    Thank you, my #1 hype beast 🏆😘