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Visual site update

Visual update on the site today! There's some new projects in the works that I'm looking forward to sharing, but in the meantime, mostly just a fresh coat of paint around here. Chiefly because I got so sick of looking at the bright orangey-pink bar, with its less-than-accessible color contrast. If you'd like to test your color combos for legibility, Lea Verou's contrast checker is a good tool that can help check flat color pairs.

Random notes about this update:

  • I switched from Kirby CMS to Jekyll. If I'm choosing a CMS/templating engine for performance, I might as well go all-in on a static site generator (Kirby does some magic with PHP and text/image files in directories). So far enjoying it, though there's some features that I would consider "core" functionality that aren't quite there yet (pagination needs to be added via a plugin, for example).
  • Left-aligning the page content?! Who have I become?
  • I'll let you guess what the squares in the header are ;]
  • In less fun news, I seem to have lost my Disqus comments. Looking to see if there's a way to restore. So if your previous comment is gone...we're still good.
  • In the process of building the site, I tinkered around with my first experiments with client-side API requests. I ended up scrapping the idea I was working on, though I might do a post on it later. I've actually removed a couple working bells-and-whistles from the site; the honest truth is I prefer a simple portfolio site.

Forever making little tweaks, so if you find something weird, feel free to file an issue. Unless you're a current/former co-worker who likes to troll me for the lulz—take your funny business elsewhere, good sirs.


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