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Weeknotes #2: on not doing things

Between overtime and coming down with a cold (again) (possibly connected), this was a quiet week for side projects.

The 100 Day Project kicked off this week, and I gave serious thought to participating, and mulled over a couple different project ideas. I ended up deciding that though I’d really like to feel part of the collective effort to reclaim creative time, the parameters (do the same action for 100 days) don’t particularly suit the things I want to invest time in right now. Even fun things can feel like a chore if they’re not serving your values.

Always learning

Rachel Andrew’s CSS page bears this preamble:

I have been figuring out CSS for 20 years. Every time I figure something out, I write it down.

I love the way Rachel phrased this. Learning never stops. It is easy to imagine that someone who is very knowledgeable on a topic Knows Everything and Never Struggles but we are all, always figuring it out as we go.


Design and development

Stuff about sleep I need to internalize


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