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Weeknotes #20: switching ALL the gears!

Week of Nov 15

Thinking and doing

  • Overtime work this week is really cutting into my Pokémon Sword time.
  • Chipping away at some adjustments to my upcoming 24 Accessibility article (thanks to Sarah Higley for editing!)
  • Thinking about how not everyone needs a five-year plan. If following your fancy has worked for you, who’s to say it can’t continue working for you? #abundanceMindset
  • Fixed and closed a TWO YEAR OLD issue on my personal site. Feels good.

Draft Jam

(Original context on Draft Jam)

When I worked at Fuzzco (design studio) and on MS Edge as a combo dev/designer, switching back to design after a period of dev always felt slow going at first. Now that I’m full time Program Managing on the web platform, context switching to design feels—I’m not going to lie—a bit excruciating. On Saturday morning I tried working on some brand options for Draft Jam, really disliked everything I came up with, and ended up bouncing over to some dev work instead.

I think this is okay, because I can get as far as I can on dev without having a design in mind, then switch back to design and spend some more time there. I’m trying out Eleventy (static site generator) for the first time on this project. Digging how it feels lightweight, and fascinated by how un-opinionated it is on what types of files you use.

Week of Nov 22

Ended up abandoning the Chemex Timer project because I found a way to work around limitations I was running into in iOS Shortcuts.

Quick note:

  • The built-in timer on iOS does not support concurrent timers, ugh.
  • The Chemex Timer utility would’ve kept time on the various phases needed to brew coffee in a Chemex.

Basically, instead of trying to chain together uses of the iOS timer and then running into a race condition where I couldn’t stop the first timer fast enough, I used the Shortcuts “scripting” feature to play a sound after waiting for given intervals of time to pass.

I could’ve continued building out this utility for funsies and practice, but eh, I have plenty other side project ideas to get my hands on.


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  • Reply from ken ┬┴┤🗨️(・_├┬┴ on

    About the birth of the Internet 50 years ago - the display of he Internet van at SRI (Menlo Park) and the replica at the @ComputerHistory Museum (Mountain View, next to Microsoft SVC) is pretty amazing!
  • Stephanie 🔮🌙 Casting Spells on

    "Thinking about how not everyone needs a five-year plan. If following your fancy has worked for you, who’s to say it can’t continue working for you? #abundanceMindset" I like this.
  • Reply from Carter Adams on

    I love how little of this I understand. Knowing geniuses like you and Vickers (whatever he’s up to) and everyone else...remarkable.
  • Reply from Izzie Zahorian on

    you are so prolific, melanie! always impressed by you <3
  • Reply from Melanie Richards on

    I was just thinking the same thing, looking at your new tumblr! You’re always up to something interesting 😊