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Weeknotes #6: canaries in flight

Last week, we released our Canary ring of Microsoft Edge on MacOS! It’s wild to have a Microsoft browser on MacOS again, via our transition to working in the Chromium open source project. I didn’t know this before joining Microsoft a few years ago, but IE was available on MacOS in the late 90s and early aughts.

In other Microsoft-y thoughts, why did it take me so long to learn more keyboard shortcuts for Outlook?! CTRL + Q (mark as read) and Backspace (archive) are my new jam.

BALC accessibility remediation

As mentioned in Weeknotes #3, I’m fixing accessibility issues in a project I built in 2013, Badass Lady Creatives. The week of May 19th I:

  • Made sure text in blog posts maxed out at a shorter line length (this was also bothering me from a purely visual perspective).
  • Reduced the number of links in post “card” components, and added empty alt attributes to the thumbnails so that the images would be treated as presentational. Previously, alt text was adding clutter to link readout.

Separately from the main remediation project, I made sure that all traffic was directed over HTTPS.

Egg tapestry weaving

Took some me-time on the weekend to work on my previously-mentioned egg tapestry while listening to too much Brooklyn 99. I’m so close to finishing this tapestry, finally! I wove the last couple inches of the design, wove the “header” (a section that gets tucked under and sewn to the back, to provide a clean edge to the work), and started trimming and weaving in the loose ends on the back. I’ll post a photo when this thing is finally done-done and hung!


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