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Hi there, I’m Melanie Richards: a product manager on the Microsoft Edge web platform team, with a background in web design and development. Before my current role, I:

Fairly soon into my time at Microsoft Edge, I started expanding my role to work with partners; teach developers through talks and a workshop; and participate in web standards bodies. Ultimately, I wanted to have a more direct impact on the evolution of web technologies, and decided to go into web platform program management full time. Since making the jump, I've worked on accessibility projects like: implementing UI Automation in open source, support for styled captions and Windows High Contrast, standardization of styling for said HC mode, and ideas for making virtualized content more accessible.

Right now, I'm part of a cross-industry effort to address trust and privacy challenges on the web.

I tend to collect hobbies, and so in my free time I could be reading, hiking, wandering, knitting, weaving, chipping away at a web project, or studying up on a human language.

I still love a good side project, so if you’d like to collaborate on something, please send me an email at

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