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Introducing the UFGD c/o 2014!

I’m a big believer in honoring where you came from, and the University of Florida Graphic Design program is like a second family to me. So from now on, I’ll share the portfolios from each new graduating class. Introducing c/o 2014! What a talented bunch:

Percy Batalier,
Kelly Carpenter,
Lauren Castro,
Lindsey Marie Freeman,
Clarke Harris,
Kaitlyn Irvine,
Julia Karraker,
Devin Elida Kelly,
Derrick Ligon,
Allan Lopez,
Kelli McAdams,
Jason McDade,
Will Joel Melendez,
Crystal Nguyen,
Nicole Ruggiero,
Natalie Suarez,
Janet Vargas,

Congrats to you all, and best of luck in your new adventures! May you make all your upcoming decisions based on what’s right for you—not what you think is expected of you.


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