I ♥ Internet, Vol II.

I love the internet

I’ve been sitting on these for a few weeks but whatever, still cool:

  • Shopify did a great job updating their checkout system for the responsive world. I’ve always been curious about how third party apps/platforms non-destructively update their product, and I like Shopify’s solution: you can “opt-in” to the new responsive checkout (and downgrade if you wish), so if your no-longer-engaged developer wrote custom CSS for the legacy solution, your checkout won’t look totally bonkers.
  • This. Keyboard. Gif. App. THIS KEYBOARD GIF APP!
  • Happened to look at these photos of Idaho by Tyler Thompson while listening to The Album Leaf, and I must say, it’s a pretty chill mashup.
  • Turtle powerrrr
  • New-to-me ear candy: “Reflections” by MisterWives
  • The cover of this playlist is so, so satisfying.
  • Yet another reason to build mobile-friendly websites.
  • Some nice abstract gifs.
  • Been waiting for this: you can now search your own tweets.
  • Everyone loves the new Beyoncé video, right? Right. I love that she (or her team?) made something that feels very relatable / down-to-earth.
  • Trying to figure out who built the new Cinerama site. The ticketing system—a custom job?—feels really smooth.