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Short Run Seattle Haul

A pile of comics in various styles layered on top of a desk

Comics are sort of design-related, and therefore relevant to this blog, right? Right.

Last week was Short Run Seattle, a local festival celebrating comics, art, and small publishing. I've never actually had the privilege of living in a city with a comics fest (not to mention two, as there's also the Emerald City Comic Con, due in spring) so it was a real treat to attend talks and geek out at the book fair with a BUNCH of other people. I want to share the love for some old favorites and new-to-me local talent, so here's my haul:

Photo of comics
Newest books from two comic artists I've followed for awhile: Yumi Sakugawa and Liz Prince.
Photo of comics
A few items from John Porcellino's table—he's a distributor for other people's comics as well—Anne Emond, Alabaster, John Porcellino
Photo of comics
Björn, Pam Wishbow, Kazimir Strzepek
Photo of comics
A bunch of little guys from James Stanton
Photo of comics
Issues of the ever-free comics quarterly, The Intruder. Apparently these guys do some cool stuff in the comics community around town, as well.
Photo of book
The only non-comics book I bought. It's a mix of photos and poems–half of which are in Japanese, which I don't read–and what I suspect is magic. All by Yoshinori Henguchi.

If I had 3 wishes:

  1. More $$$ so that I could have bought all the things.
  2. There's a certain aesthetic to the stuff I walked away with; wish I had picked up a couple more of the "grotesque"-style stuff I was considering.
  3. That the aisles were a little bit wider, as it got a little hard to navigate around popular tables. That being said, this is a fairly new festival so their venue options might be limited. And I've never been to a comics fest before, so, what do I know?

All in all, fantastic group of exhibitors. So many awesome things to see that I think I even missed a couple (how did I miss Mare Odomo's table?!). Can't wait until next year!


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