Calligraphy and camouflage: Learning Log, January 2018

Stuff I learned or read or thought about over the past month.

  • I went to beyond tellerrand Munich to give a workshop and a lunchtime presentation on CSS Grid. Though I spent most of the conference talking to folks at the Microsoft Edge booth (always awesome to meet a new community of designers/devs), I did catch Aoi Yamaguchi’s fascinating presentation. Aoi is classically-trained in Japanese calligraphy, and has extended that practice to conceptually reinterpret characters and incorporate calligraphy into performance art. Really compelling and worth a watch.
  • ~Honesty time~ One of my intentions for the year was to be more patient with myself. I’ve realized this month that, for myself, I’ve created a false binary: “person who makes mistakes” vs “good / talented / kind / knowledgeable / capable person”. Being more aware of that mental trap seems like a good thing.
  • New-to-me organization: American Indian College Fund

Nice bits of internet

A man in a gridded sweater that matches the gridded wall behind him

Very Garden State. Knitwear by Nina Dodd, photo by Joseph Ford

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