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Tea and GTD: Learning Log, Jan 2019


My secret web dev shame is that I haven’t really used any modern JS UI frameworks and libraries, never having worked on a project that I felt truly called for using something like React or Vue. That being said, I’ve wanted to build side projects using a couple different tools, so I can appreciate firsthand how other web developers are working today. In January I just started reading the React docs and such, and will have to think about what to build…

(Not) microwaving tea

For some reason, “Brits upset about microwaved tea” has been popping up on my radar lately. I use an electric kettle to heat water for coffee and tea, but was not sure why microwaving is such a cardinal sin. It’s just…one other way to get hot water, right? Assuming the tea bag is added after the water is microwaved and yet this is still egregious.

There are a couple different competing ideas and pseudo-science around this topic, but the best explanation I can find is that: different teas are best heated to particular temperatures; you can’t control the temperature of hot water in the microwave as you can with an electric kettle; and thus heating your tea to the wrong temperature can make it taste bitter and gross.

The more you know… 🌈☕️

Getting Things Done

Late last year I thought I’d finally find out with the fuss was with the “Getting Things Done” method. Supposedly you want the *original* edition of David Allen’s book, and instead of ordering it through a third-party Amazon seller, lazy me just decided to look up articles with distilled versions of GTD:

Too soon to tell how well simplified GTD is working out, though I can say greatly reducing my email folder filing system has been really nice…

A few articles

What have you learned this month?


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