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Learning Log, Nov 2021

In November I spent much of my free time on an exciting but time-consuming life task/goal (being vague here by design), so this will be a fairly light learning log. I’ve been doing some knitting here and there, and a teensy bit of drawing, but I am really feeling the itch of not having a side project in the works at the moment. I do really love making things.

Completed just a couple webby administrative tasks:

  • Added Calibre Image Actions to my fiber blog, which does a lovely job of substantially compressing images while keeping quality high. I also attempted to add it to my main site, but because the action currently updates all images that match the supplied path (vs just the image files that were actually changed in the given PR), the action timed out for me. Too many darn images. Subscribed to this request to optimize only changed files, and will try again if that update lands. I don’t currently know enough about Github actions to volunteer contributing towards the change myself…yet, anyway!
  • Added highlights for Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman. I thought about and started implementing general reading logs on the highlights site, but ended up deciding against it. I haven’t decided yet how I want to store a log of all the books I’ve read for posterity. Assuming I’ll care about that when I’m 80, 90.

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