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Learning Log, Oct 2022

The first half of October was disconcertingly warm. My fiancé and I were able to hang out at a beer garden and read in comfort, which is both fun and not great for October.

A hockey arena lit by blue ambient light, with a neon sculpture that looks both like an S and kraken tentacle

More fun was my first NHL hockey game (masked)! It was an exciting experience, even if we lost by 1 in overtime. I would love to go to more games before we get really good and ticket prices skyrocket.

My fiance and I holding a tray of candles in front of house decorated with lights. We are wearing traditional Diwali shirts in tones of dark green. Rahul placing candles around the exterior of a house lit up with lights trimming its edges

Late in the month, Rahul (my fiancé) and I visited his family in India for Diwali. It was our first time back in Delhi since the pandemic started, so there was plenty of family time to make up (and engagement-related tasks to accomplish).

The lights for Diwali were beautiful: familiar for me, who is used to Christmas, but with their own twist. Lights on buildings either run along the edges or are draped down the building in vertical lines. Diyas (little ghee candles) are placed all around to light Rama’s way home, and garlands of marigolds are hung in doorways.



Trying out another Goodreads competitor called StoryGraph. This website/app generates charts of your reading habits, which is fun to compare across the years. It also makes it easier to find your next read based on attributes like mood, pace, and genre. Here’s my StoryGraph profile



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