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Learning Log, June 2023

A crowd of hipsters is gathered to watch musicians onstage in a park at dusk. There are fairy lights strung up to each side of the stage, and in the background a series of conifers stand tall.
Watching some sad dads play music at Marymoor Park, with THE BEST LIVE BRASS SECTION

Busy busy busy! Pretty much every weekend was booked up:

  • A second cabin weekend, this time on the Olympic Peninsula
  • The National concert at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA—one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, honestly
  • Book club hangs
  • An offsite in SF
  • Family visits in Florida
Content warning: photo of raw oysters
A dozen raw oysters arrayed on a bed of ice with a lemon wedge, next to a tray of roasted oysters with a hunk of bread. They were delicious.
Raw oysters were not a cuisine I had ever dreamed of loving, but here we are! Appreciating the brine in Hama Hama, WA.

Summer is back, baby!! Having both a calendar crammed full of social events and a KN95 on my face feels like having each foot in two very different worlds.

Product Resources

A list of product resource links, organized by categories such as General, Customer Research, Data > SQL, and Data > Statistics

Finally found an excuse to play around with the Notion API! I created a product resources minisite from a database in my personal Notion instance. You can peek at the code or suggest a resource on Github. Humble beginnings, but I’ll be adding to this bit by bit as I find neat resources.



Work & Productivity

Journaling, Stationery, & Art

Other Interesting Articles


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