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Learning Log, May 2023

A panorama that includes a few mountain peaks with some snow on top, a valley filled with conifers, and variety of confifers in the foreground. The scene is quite saturated, a nice green spring day.
The view from Heybrook Ridge. If you squint, you may be able to make out Bridal Veil Falls across the way.
  • Went on our first hike of the year (lol sob)! Rahul (husband) and I tromped up Heybrook Ridge on a Friday before a cabin weekend with friends. We had the trail nearly to ourselves and enjoyed a private view at the top.
  • Released a small update with team members at Netlify: Customize the email subject line for form submission notifications
  • Started working on a list of product resources. I pretty much just have the data so far—no styling or anything—but it’s been fun learning a new API, Notion in this case. Peep the codebase.
  • Started strategizing how I will complete the Seattle Public Library summer book bingo, and made a challenge for it on The StoryGraph.
  • Caught the ikat exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum just before it closed and wow, it was incredible! Ikat cloth is made by resistance-dying threads and then weaving them together. It’s most associated with Indonesia, but used across the globe to great visual variety and often deep meaning. The book “Global Ikat” contains all of the pieces from the show and more.
A dark indigo-black cloth with vertical bands of cream every couple of inches. Between some of the bands are verticle tick marks in cream, or thicker vertical cream rectangles separated by smaller horizontal rectangles in red, yellow, and blue.
One of my favorite ikat cloths, from Côte d’Ivoire



Can you tell I went through my product article backlog?


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