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Learning Log, Jan 2024

Blah winter vibes this January with a cold snap that brought the weather into the teens (Fahrenheit) for ~a week in Seattle, WA. I tried to lean into coziness by learning how to bake bread (4 years after everyone else, it seems), knitting, and reading by a lit scented candle.


With my co-workers at Netlify:


Three golden-brown braided loaves lined up in a rowAlt
  • 🍞 Finally crossed a couple items off the culinary bucket list. I made some matcha chia pudding with strawberry compote, which was easy but tasty. And my husband joined me in making our first loaves of bread—likewise tasty but not easy; it took houuurs for our dough to prove. I chose this nisu recipe, because why pick something simple for the first go-around? 🙃
  • 📼 Over the course of a weekend I made a little site that’s been stuck in my head, Lit Tapes! It’s a compilation of my playlists compiled from songs referenced in books; small so far, but it will grow. More info on this project.
  • 🌱 Digital gardening: added a couple new snacks to my World Snacks site.
  • ✂️ I’m so close to finishing my first Creative Maker Supply Case. There’s just a few tasks left but they’re so fiddly and I don’t wanna!! I’ve put the project away (again) for a little while, and will pick it back up when I’m feeling brave.
  • 🧦 Started learning how to knit socks!

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