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New project: Lit Tapes

Over the weekend I built a new little site that’s been on my mind: Lit Tapes! I read a couple books in the past few months that heavily featured music throughout the plot, and thought it would be fun to create playlists for those books.

I’ve told myself “no more forever projects”, but I just can’t seem to help myself. In any case, I don’t foresee updating this site frequently—just whenever I happen to read a story that celebrates music.

The index is a grid of cassette tape illustrations that match the color scheme of the book covers:

A tagline saying 'Playlists compiled from songs referenced in books.' Underneath are cassettes labeled with the titles of books, including for now 'We Sold Our Souls' and 'All My Rage'

I created an SVG illustration that gets embedded for each post. The SVG include references post-specific colors stored in a data file for each post. There’s a deco property that defines whether the particular cassette should get stripes, a top band of color, or a bottom band of color. I decided to do that manually since the right aesthetic depends on the book cover.

Also in the post data are light and dark color schemes for each book:

Two views of the 'All My Rage' page. One is a yellowy cream backgorund with violet text and border colors. The other is a very dark purple background and light purple text.

These are also based off the book cover scheme.

That’s about it! You can poke around in the code on Github. Any musically-oriented books I should read next? Please file an issue and let me know!


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  • Reply from Hidde on

    @melanie love this idea! liked and subscribed (and shared on Books with music | Links
  • Reply from Ricky Onsman on

    @melanie I guess you're looking for something more than easy pickings like High Fidelity?