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Learning Log, Mar 2024

New role at Webflow

The biggest personal event lately is my transition to a new role at Webflow! I’m a Lead Product Manager (IC position, believe it or not) focused on styles and interactions in the Designer product. The Designer is the main environment where users visually build websites.

I can’t seem to write about this topic without a heap of sappiness and a light dusting of corporate cheese. 🧀 The tl;dr is I am grateful for so much: to the many incredible (seriously) people I worked with at Netlify, and the experiences I had there that helped me grow as a product manager. And for a new opportunity that aligns very well with my personal mission and leverages my unique background, with people who make me feel welcome. Humans are great, huh?

Palm Springs

In March, my husband and I took a (mildly) belated first anniversary trip down to Palm Springs, CA. Neither of us had been to PSP before, and we had a really nice time catching our breath lazing around by the pool for a long weekend.

The San Jacinto mountains perched behind downtown Palm Springs in a fading sunset light. In the foreground is a planter of puffy, ball-shaped cacti.
The view from the hotel roof at sundown

PSP also has a couple pretty awesome museums for a town of its size. The Agua Caliente Cultural Museum in its beautiful new plaza is well worth a visit. This cultural center presents the cultural history of the Agua Caliente Band of the Cahuilla people in their own words.

Likewise, I was impressed by the range of works on display at the Palm Springs Art Museum. From works deeply rooted in the land; to modern art you might associate with PSP; to contemporary pieces across a wide variety of content and forms, there’s a lot to peruse.

🧶 Making

  • Learned how to write blackletter calligraphy (Textura Quadrata style)
  • Continued knitting my first pair of socks
  • Cooked a fun St. Patty’s Day brunch with my husband for our friends
  • Did some plein air sketching
The San Jacinto mountains perched behind downtown Palm Springs in a fading sunset light. In the foreground is a planter of puffy, ball-shaped cacti.
A sunny day at Carkeek Park. A Youth came up to me while I was drawing and told me “that’s a good sketch”, and I was subsequently equal parts sheepish and chuffed.

🌱 Digital Gardening

Project board on Github

  • For reasons unknown, I had posts in my projects’ RSS feeds in chronological order, instead of reverse chronological order. So that has now been fixed with a quick | reverse filter. Thanks Eleventy!

This site

  • Fixed the copyright year in my footer (oops).
  • Made sure 2023 and 2024 show up in the “browse by year” navigation on the blog (also oops).
  • Changed up blog post card sizes a bit, at larger breakpoints. Previously, the first two blog posts would be rendered large (two-to-a-row), and subsequent posts would be rendered small (three-to-a-row). I decided to simplify the layout so that all posts on the first page are large, and all posts on subsequent pages are small.
  • Made blog post margins and type size look better on ~tablet.
  • Gave captions a little bit of horizontal padding.

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  • Reply from Anthony Ciccarello on

    I love your Palm Springs picture! My wife and I lived out in the Coachella Valley and March is a great time to visit (aka not hot)! I need to check out some of their museums. I’m only a couple hours away and are there often to see family.