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Learning Log, Apr 2024

How is it May already? That feels unreal. April went by in a flash of flowers, figuring out which way is up at my new organization, and enjoying new-to-me restaurants around town.

A group of tulips in pale yellow and burgundy stripes

🚢 Shipping

I started my new role at Webflow in mid–late March, so April was a blend of continuing to onboard, forming a product area vision and strategy, and starting to be useful. The engineering team I’m working with here had been working on a pinned ruler and crosshair for measuring layouts on the Designer Canvas, so we got to launch this together!

🧶 Making

  • Still working on my first knit pair of socks
  • A few plein air drawings for Plein Airpril
  • Just started: a mini site documenting my analog journals and favorite stationery materials

I really didn’t do any blogging this month, besides my Learning Log. In recent months I’ve been starting blog posts, second-guessing them or deciding they don’t need to see the light of day, then archiving them. Feeling mildly unsettled by not being brave? focused? enough to just finish one of these thoughts in public.


I only finished 2 books in April, which is particularly surprising given I participated in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. I “DNF”ed a couple books that weren’t grabbing me.



Work & productivity



Journaling & Stationery

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