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Fonts with open source licenses

A decorative image that says 'Open Source Fonts' using an open source font

Typeface is Bagnard by sebsan

I started a new open source project the other day, and wondered where—other than Google Fonts—I might find fonts for inclusion in a permissive public repo. Here's a list of resources I found for font files released with the SIL Open Font License (OFL):

Curated resources

Larger libraries

Combining licenses in one project

#iAmNotALawyer, but I imagine I'll munge together licenses within one license.txt file: specifying/including the SIL license first for any relevant font files, and MIT for everything else.

Giving back to open source

The fantastic thing about open source is that it is free and open, and helps foster creativity within the community. Writing code, designing typefaces, and making other open source contributions takes real human time, though, so whichever typefaces I go with, I’ll seek out a tip jar for the type designer(s). 👍


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