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Weeknotes #10: Happy birthday, America! Do better.

Independence Day resolutions

A friend I used to work with—and whom I’m most likely to run into at marches and rallies—shared this comic around the 4th of July (aka Independence Day for the United States):

A single-panel comic with one upbeat and one confused stick figure conversing; conversation follows

Text alternative for the comic dialog

Person A: So, have you decided on your Independence Day resolutions yet?

Person B: My…what?

Person A: You know…like what specific injustices do you plan to rebel against in the coming year?

I LOVE THIS IDEA. Unquestioning patriotism doesn’t resonate with me—believing that my country can do better, and I can be part of that, does resonate. So I really love the action of tying civic goals to this holiday. Starting this year, I’m choosing (quietly) 2–3 top priorities where I can focus my energy and resources.

Including remote colleagues

Being the only person calling into a meeting—where everyone else is physically present—reminds me that I can do a better job of making sure my remote colleagues are heard. It is really, really hard to interject into a conversation, so I want to be better at polling the folks on the phone every so often.


Speaking of remote colleagues, the only links I set aside this week are from a one Eric Lawrence:


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    Just saw a cool idea on @somelaniesaid's blog where she provides a text transcription for a web comic below inside a <details> element. I like this idea very much.…