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Weeknotes #16: *autumn intensifies*

A trail with lots of trees all in yellow for fall

Fall foliage along a river-side trail in Leavenworth, WA

I’ve been thinking about whether I want to change the frequency of these posts, because they can be hard to keep up week-over-week. I do like Weeknotes because they provide an honest and informal view into how a person thinks and works; you can see naturally how a person’s capacity for doing stuff ebbs and flows. For now, I’ve decided to keep the weeklies, and just move writing them to Fridays. I’m building a personal weekly review habit at work, and so I think it would be nice to go over my work stuff for the week, then type up my Weeknotes while I’m already in a reflective mood.

If you’re wondering what I write about in my weekly reviews at work, I:

  • Review what I accomplished that week (clarifying impact where needed) and anything particularly interesting that happened
  • Write down my prioritized tasks for the next week
  • Capture anything I’m currently thinking about: what I want to improve at, strategies that might make me a more effective PM, any feedback I’ve received, etc.

The weekly reviews I do for myself make it SO MUCH EASIER to type up Official semi-annual reviews, because the answers are all right there. I’d like to start a practice reviewing my personal notes seasonally or annually, so I can observe how and in which direction I’m growing.

Draft Jam

Not much time for personal projects this week, but did get around to some small administrative items for Draft Jam: I set up the project email address and ordered SSL sertificates for my registered domains.


Web platform

Improve ALL the things:

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