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Blog: posted in 2017

My curiosity for the web platform had always run high as a web designer/developer on the Microsoft Edge team, but 2017 is where I became really eager to have a more direct impact on the platform. I started adding new responsibilities to my role (like joining the CSS Working Group, speaking on behalf of the team) and made moves to transition to a role working directly on web technologies, vs on developer experiences.

  1. Intentions for 2018
  2. 2017 in Review
  3. Murmurations and living lights: Learning Log, Dec 2017
  4. Petrichor and migraine auras: Learning Log, Nov 2017
  5. Vectors and mittens: Learning Log, Oct 2017
  6. CSS Grid talk at Microsoft Edge Web Summit
  7. Learning Log: Sep 2017
  8. Learning Log: Aug 2017
  9. Learning Log: Jul 2017
  10. Learning Log: Jun 2017
  11. Learning Log: May 2017
  12. New side project: highlights minisite, and checking for interaction feature support