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Blog: tagged “projects”

  1. Personal website redesign 2022
  2. Building a snack review website with Eleventy and Contentful
  3. New project: What to Draw
  4. New project: SEA — Seasons, and Notification Triggers
  5. A fiber crafts blog and JAMstack comments
  6. Styling for Windows high contrast with new standards for forced colors
  7. Reducing distractions with quiet notification requests
  8. New project: Good Things, and randomization at build time
  9. New side project: highlights minisite, and checking for interaction feature support
  10. HTML5 Accessibility redesign
  11. Just! Build! Websites!
  12. And lo, there was a portfolio section
  13. That Which Has Happened, Summer 2014
  14. New Fuzzco Work, The Nickelodeon
  15. Sedimentary is Responsive
  16. Announcing Badass Lady Creatives
  17. Synthesize, My Friends