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Blog: posted in 2023

In 2023, I was a product manager at Netlify, focused on the developer workflow, team collaboration, and unification of the composition platform following a couple acquisitions. I got deep in the weeds on fountain pens, and enjoyed fiber crafts too.

  1. 2023 in Review
  2. A lefty’s journey into fountain pens
  3. Netlify now online: the Netlify App for Slack is generally available
  4. Learning Log, Nov 2023
  5. Balancing time as a product manager
  6. Learning Log, Oct 2023
  7. Learning Log, Sep 2023
  8. Quarterly career goals for individual contributors
  9. Netlify has entered the chat: Netlify official Slack app now in beta
  10. Learning Log, Aug 2023
  11. Learning Log, July 2023
  12. Summer Pen Pouch
  13. Learning Log, June 2023
  14. Learning Log, May 2023
  15. Learning Log, Apr 2023
  16. Bout of Books 37
  17. Now generally available: Automatic deploy subdomains
  18. Made in 2023 Q1
  19. Learning Log, 2023 Q1
  20. Collaborative Deploy Previews now available with Bitbucket
  21. How to set a custom domain for Deploy Previews
  22. Pass client state to a Netlify function
  23. Conditionally rebuild a site on Netlify, based on a webhook payload
  24. QA and collaborate directly on branch deploy URLs