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Blog: posted in 2020

Oh 2020…year of the global pandemic, with plenty of stressful national/global events layered on top. I dabbled a bit in web side projects, but found that analog creative projects were the most satisfying pursuit whilst stuck at home. Work-wise, I was a PM on the Microsoft Edge web platform team, dividing my time between privacy and control customization.

  1. Learning Log, Dec 2020
  2. 2020 in Review
  3. Sticky CSS Grid Items
  4. Seasonal Cleaning Vol II
  5. Learning Log, Nov 2020
  6. Lefty Pen Test
  7. Learning Log, Oct 2020
  8. The Art of Brevity
  9. Learning Log, Sep 2020
  10. Styling for Windows high contrast with new standards for forced colors
  11. Learning Log, Aug 2020: 3D Art and Collaging with CSS Grid
  12. New Practice: Seasonal Cleaning
  13. Learning Log, Jul 2020: making moves
  14. Reducing distractions with quiet notification requests
  15. Black. Lives. Matter.
  16. Presenting this week at Microsoft Build
  17. Learning Log, Apr 2020: day by day
  18. New project: Good Things, and randomization at build time
  19. Learning Log, Mar 2020: the great indoors
  20. Fonts with open source licenses
  21. Learning Log, Feb 2020: the Golden Triangle
  22. Learning Log, Jan 2020: routines and rhythm of business
  23. Weeknotes #22: swapping out Jekyll for Eleventy